Bernadette's Lice Removal Center of Rhode Island
FAQ's about our products

Is your product safe?                      
  • Absolutely! We use an all-natural, organic enzyme product that is safe to use even on young children        
What are the ingredients in the product?
  • Water, and natural enzymes including protease, lipase, cellulase, and amylase. The enzymes are all derived from organic sources
How long is the spray good for?                                            
  • The product has a 1 year shelf life
What does your product do exactly?
  • The enzymes in our product destroy the exoskeleton of the louse, thereby killing it. It also loosens the glue that attaches the nit to the hair shaft, thereby making removal much easier
My pediatrician recommended NIX or RID and said if these products do not work, he would prescribe something. How do these products differ from yours?
  • The over-the-counter products contain either pyrethrin (A-200, Pronto, R7C, Rid, Triple X) or permethrin (Nix). The prescription products contain either much higher concentrations of permethrin (Elimite is 5 times as concentrated as Nix), malathion (Ovide), benzyl alcohol (Ulefsia), or lindane (Kwell). All of these chemicals are insecticides/ pesticides and can be very irritating (causing wheezing, vomiting, and skin rashes, especially in persons with allergies or asthma). Several of them are neurotoxic. In addition, these products are not very effective: none of them do anything to help with removal of nits, and the lice have developed resistance to the ingredients
Why did the over the counter products (RID, NIX, etc.) not work for me?
  • Over time, lice have built up a resistance to these products. As a result, they are almost useless these days. In addition, the ingredients in these products are absorbed through the scalp and are potentially toxic
Do home remedies like mayo or peanut butter work?
  • Not only are most home remedies messy but they are also potentially hazardous.  Mayonnaise and peanut butter have to be left on hair all night but they may still fail to suffocate the live lice. Both may help loosen nits somewhat, but they are hard to remove and they make it difficult to comb through the hair- a step that is a must in dealing with lice.  Gasoline and kerosene are extremely flammable and should never be used 
How is your comb different from other lice combs I have seen in stores?
  • Our comb has metal teeth that are spaced very close together and that have grooves along each tooth. This design makes them extremely efficient at grabbing the lice and the nits, making it so much easier to remove them
How do I clean the comb?      
  • You can disinfect it by boiling it in hot water for 1-2 minutes or by placing it in the dishwater
Do I need a different comb for each member of my family?
  • No. We do suggest sanitizing the comb between each use