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"All I can say is THANK YOU! After discovering lice in our family, this center has it under complete control now, a few weeks later.  After tears while on vacation at the Cape and a failed attempt by my husband to comb out my hair using a home treatment, I became hopeless.  Never have I experienced anything like this, and having 2 daughters and myself to treat, I did not know what to do.  So I went online and found Bernadette's.  I left a message in the morning and Lynn called us right away.  Lynn got me right in, and I received a warm welcome by someone who clearly knew what to do.  Best of all, I left that office with renewed confidence and the products and knowledge to rid our family of this Nightmare!!  Our family is now lice free, and if it ever happens again, we know just what to do (without the panic!).  I highly recommend this center, 100% worth every penny spent, and 10+ stars!

SE - August 2017

"Thank you so much Amy for making such an uncomfortable experience such a fun one! Your kindness and compassion made me feel 10 times more at ease, and who would have thought you could laugh so hard getting your head treated for Lice!  I will recommend you and Bernadette's LRC to anyone!! Thank you so much again!!

KF - February 2017

"I am so grateful to have found Bernadette's.  Amy is pleasant, knowledgeable, skillful, patient, kind, lovely... She answered all of our questions and helped remove the panic and anxiety I was feeling."

Anna - August 2016

"We absolutely loved you! You are amazing people! We cannot thank you enough.  We were recommended to you and we are so glad we were!"

Tony - July 2016


"Our experience at Bernadette's LRC of RI was Top Notch! I was so happy to find professional help when we found out my daughter had Lice.  We love the organic products that they use, their helpful staff and the fact that I could purchase products to use at home.  I have told all my friends about Bernadette's LRC of RI.  Thank you very much for your help!"

Kathy - June 2016


"Just a note to say thank you for all of your help.  Bernadette's LRC of RI and specifically Brittany made a very stressful situation more manageable and we appreciate all you did.  We don't know what we would have done without you.  Thanks again and we will recommend Bernadette's to anyone we know who has to deal with Lice!"

Mia - June 2016


"Bernadette's LRC is amazing - don't waste time trying other methods - go right to the professionals!! It works like a charm!!  Lice is a pain, no way around that, but the group at Bernadette's LRC of RI takes the mystery out of it and makes the experience of getting rid of these critters fast and easy!! Thanks for everything!"

LV - May 2016


"We're very grateful for Bernadette's LRC of RI! They were reassuring and know what to say and do to put us at ease when we were shocked and panicked!! Amy was superb at getting rid of our lice and helping us know what to do to prevent it in the future!  Thank you for helping us and we will definitely recommend Bernadette's LRC to anyone who needs it!!"

DL - April 2016

"Having Lice in the family is an overwhelmingly stressful experience.  However, Amy at Bernadette's made the whole experience bearable. She re-assured us, treated us very thoroughly and taught us how to clean and "de-lice" our home.  Amy did everything in her sweet kind manner and always with a smile.  Thank you for your expertise and kindness during this entire disconcerting process.  We will refer everyone we know with Lice problems to Bernadette's LRC of RI."

MC - March 2016

"Our treatment here was more than I could have asked for.  Bernadette's LRC of RI is a godsend!! I am so thankful.  We were treated very thoroughly in the office and it was great knowing I could call or text anytime I had a question.  Thank you very much for helping my little girls become Lice free!!"

Amanda - February 2016

"I really am so greatful to have found Bernadette's LRC of RI!! I was at the end of my rope confused, frustrated, and didn't know what to do! I had so many questions! Lynn is the best! She calmed me down, answered my questions and gave me peace of mind.  She was there for me every time I needed her.  Thank you for every thing.  I couldn't have gotten through this without you!!"

KM - January 2016


"We have battled this dreaded problem for 1 month. I thought I had it under control until yesterday when my 15 yr old came and said her head was beginning to itch. I called the pediatrician to ask for a recommendation since I had used NIX 3 times already. They suggested Bernadette's. I called and Bianca called me back and fit us in yesterday. I was a little skeptical at first but as soon as we sat Bianca put my fears to rest. She was pleasant and took the time to explain everything to me. We are new to the treatment process but I am hopeful of the outcome."

MP, October 2015


Lice is something every mother of a girl dreads. It was 9:00 at night when we discovered it. 3 hours of combing and quite a few tears later I gave up. I had heard a rumor about a service offered "somewhere". I found Bernadette's through a quick Google Search and sent a message at 1:00 in the morning. Someone got back to me by 6:30 the next morning! They got me in THAT day! That was so important considering we have other people in the house and didn't want it getting out of control. I don't wish the experience on anyone, but Bernadette's made it a lot easier to handle. Don't be scared by the prices either! If you think about how many of the store bought kits you need to buy in order to keep it under control, add in the time and tears it takes to get through a huge head of hair, then think about how hard it is to actually spot the little buggers...The cost is worth it! The shampoo/sprays/conditioner are value sized and last beyond the length of the 2 week treatment. Plus, they are not going to cause any potential long term negative effects due to the nature of the product (pesticide free).

-ML, July 2015 

We were frantic when we discovered that my daughter had head lice ... her hair is almost to her knees and she was so upset. They were able to give us an appointment even though it was Fathers Day!!! I was amazed. She was wonderful ... calmed me down, reassured my daughter, and even had me call in my husband and sons so we could all be checked at once. I left with a plan for the kids hair and my house, and my children were all able to attend school the next day. I feel so much better and would definitely recommend Bernadette's to everyone!! 

- EBH, June 2015 

"I was so pleased with your service…you made me feel comfortable, and treated with respect."
- RP

"Melissa was very responsive and helpful throughout the full process, and more importantly, she delivered results."
- DF

 "The service my family received at Bernadette's was amazing. We were given an appointment almost immediately (so important when you are panicking over lice!) and Melissa was so professional and helpful. I felt so much better knowing that an expert had looked at each person in our family. The service was painless, thorough and educational. I would highly recommend Bernadette's to anyone in the midst of a lice crisis!"

"My husband and I have been battling head lice for 2 years!!! After trying everything from rid to tea tree products I had given up and called a professional to come to our house which cost $$$$$ and the treatment did not work. I then went to quit nits in Boston and their treatment was not accurate to the point when I asked our you going to check my husbands head and they said oh men don't get head lice. I knew this treatment wasn't going to work because, I don't think head lice discriminate. So, searching the web again for answers I came across Bernadette's Lice Removal. I called and Melissa returned my call right away. Melissa was great!!! and thorough. She answered all my questions and helped me get through this nightmare I was having. I highly recommened Bernadette's."