Bernadette's Lice Removal Center of Rhode Island
FAQ's about our services

Why should I come to Bernadette’s Lice Removal Center?

      • We are the only business in RI that specializes in lice removal. Not only do we treat lice but we also educate you so that you can take measures to prevent re-infestation. Working together as a team, we will banish those pesky critters!

Can I get lice from being at your center?

      • NO! We are extremely careful to sanitize our combs and chairs before and after each client. On a daily basis, we remove trash, vacuum, and spray with our lice-killing product

How long will the “lice removal service” actually take?

      • It depends on the length and thickness of your hair and the severity of the lice infestation. It may take anywhere from 60 to 90 minutes (per person) for your first visit.

Should I bring anything when I come?

      • We recommend that you bring something to occupy the children- such as a book, a Game Boy, or an iPod with ear buds. It is also a good idea to wear a button-down shirt since it can be easily removed without touching the newly de-liced head

How important are the follow-up appointments?

      • Extremely! We want to make sure you become completely free of all lice and nits. If that is not the case, we need to help you figure out where you are still being exposed and how we can prevent that from continuing to be a problem

How much do follow ups costs?

      • FREE! There are two follow-up appointments encouraged and included in the price

Can I go back to school after the treatment?

      • Definitely! Our product kills all the live bugs and we comb them out so you can no longer give lice to others. However, if the source of the lice is the school and the school is not de-liced, there is the possibility of re-infestation 

 Can you also cut my hair?                                               

      • No! We are not a salon

How soon will I be lice-free?

      • Getting rid of lice is a process that takes up to 3 weeks. After the first visit, all of the lice and the majority of the nits will have been removed. However, do not panic if you find a few nits in your hair over the next few days. The successful elimination of lice infestations requires your active participation in continuing to comb and treat your hair on a daily basis.  It is equally important that you take measures to decrease the likelihood that you will become re-infested by lice remaining in the home or school environment

How soon can I wash my hair again?

      • You can wash it anytime but we recommend that you wait at least 6 hours since the spray will remain active for that long

If I am allergic to everything and don’t want to use your product, will you still treat me?

      • Of course. If you do not want us to use our product, we can still spray you down with water and use our Terminator comb and provide you with lice education.