Bernadette's Lice Removal Center of Rhode Island


Our goal at Bernadette's is to provide lice education and lice removal in a relaxed and friendly environment. The products we use are extremely effective and since they are natural, organic, and contain NO pesticides, they are safe to use even on young children.

Having lice can be a very stressful experience. Let us help you get rid of those annoying little critters! We are not happy unless you are happy!

Help is just a phone call away: 401-824-4963

Clients seen by appointment only so please contact us to arrange a convenient time!

We are available 7 days a week.
Daytime and evening appointments based on availability.
call us to schedule an appointment!

Please note that late arrivals may not be accepted due to the impact that they have on subsequent appointments.  Please be on time for your scheduled appointment.

 For questions regarding appointment re-scheduling or cancellation please see our Appointment Cancellation Policy on our Services page

Help is just a call away!

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