Bernadette's Lice Removal Center of Rhode Island
Bernadette's LRC of RI Treatment Policy

Lice removal is a team effort!

During your initial treatment, we manually remove the vast majority of lice and their nits from your hair, and we spray your head with organic enzymes that remain effective for several more hours.
Depending on the level of infestation and length and thickness of your hair, however, it is possible that a nit or two escaped detection. So, DO NOT panic if you see a nit in your hair after the initial visit!

The successful elimination of lice infestations requires your active participation in continuing to comb and treat your hair on a daily basis until we see you again for the two follow-ups. 

It is equally important that you take measures to decrease the likelihood that you will become re-infested by lice remaining in the home or school environment.

By working together, we will rid your head of those annoying little critters!