Bernadette's Lice Removal Center of Rhode Island
FAQ's about lice

Can lice live on my pets?

  • No! Lice need human blood to survive. They may crawl on a pet like a pillow, but they will keep moving until they find a human head to feed on.

Can adults get lice?

  • Absolutely! If you have hair, you can get lice!

Can lice fly/jump?

  • NO! Lice have no wings so they cannot fly. They move by crawling and not by jumping

Why do lice live on the head?

  • Lice like the human head because it provides them with darkness, warmth, and access to the blood they need to survive

If my head is itchy, does that mean I have lice?

  • Not necessarily. You might be itching because you have a dry scalp or a sunburn. Often, the mere thought of lice makes people feel itchy

My hair is never dirty so how did I get lice?

  • Lice actually prefer clean hair, but anyone can get lice

My husband has very little hair. Can he still get lice?

  • Yes. Even a person who has very little hair can get lice

Does blow drying or flat ironing my hair kill lice?

  • No. Neither of these provides enough concentrated heat for the time required to kill the lice and nits.Adult Louse

 How can I tell if it is a….

  • Louse? 
     The bug is about the size of a grain of rice


  • Nit?
    The tear-drop shaped egg is firmly attached to the hair shaft and is not easily dislodged when you move your fingers across it. Nit attached to hair


  • Dandruff?
    These little white flakes easily come off the hair when you touch it or blow on it.