Bernadette's Lice Removal Center of Rhode Island
FAQ' s about prevention

Where did I get lice from?

  • Anywhere: daycare, school, sporting activities….even the movie theater!

Should everyone in my house get checked?

  • If one person has lice, it is highly probable that other family members do, too. So, it is a good idea to check every household member

What can I do to get rid of lice that may be in my house?

  • Make sure you vacuum EVERYWHERE, including the car. Throw out hair accessories, clean  combs/brushes, spray sports helmets, etc.
    Tip: Sprinkle baby powder all over the floor to be sure you don’t miss any areas. It will also make your house smell great!
    If you don’t want to do it yourself, let us take the burden off your shoulders by spraying your home

Do I have to wash and dry all our clothes?

  • No. To kill lice and their nits, you merely need to place clothing in dryer at the highest heat setting for 45 minutes.  That provides enough heat for enough time to kill the little critters! If an item cannot go in dryer or if you want an extra level of protection, you can wash it with our laundry detergent which contains the lice-fighting enzymes

Does using hair products (hairspray, hair color, gel, etc.) prevent lice?

  • No, these products do not prevent lice

Should I let everyone I have been in contact with know I have lice?

  • Yes. This helps both you and them. It alerts others who may be unaware that they have lice and it helps you because if they remain untreated, you might become re-infested

Can I get lice again?

  • Yes. There is no guarantee that you will never get lice again, but we can help you decrease your chances of that happening

Is spraying the house really effective?

  • Yes. Spraying the house not only gets at lice in areas that might be missed by vacuuming but it also adds a layer of protection if lice are reintroduced within the next 6 weeks

General Questions

I have been fighting lice for months, why can’t I get rid of it?

  • Perhaps you still have nits in your hair that allows the cycle to continue… 
    Perhaps you are still being exposed to someone who has lice….
    Perhaps you have lice in your home…..

What is a “no nit” policy?

  • Schools with a “no nit” policy require kids that have lice or nits to be completely free of nits before returning to school. This typically requires an inspection by the school nurse

Can’t I just shave my head?

  • You can, if you like the bald look!